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This is my goal:

Where Does the Future Come From?

Each person on Earth is unique. Each person has unique thoughts, emotions, and experiences and a unique view of the world. Every individual has something important to contribute to the world and a profound responsibility to do so. To lose one's sense of purpose and agency is a loss for the entire world.

It's easy to get caught up in the everyday drudgery of life. For days or even months, one can become a cog in the machinery of life, unable or unwilling to recognize this dangerous condition. One might look back with regrets at the opportunities missed and time wasted. When one loses their sense of agency—their purpose—the world is in danger.

We can't change the past, but what about the future. Where does the future come from?

One answer is from the Greek 'Futurus': the future is an extension of the past. This is useful for accounting. Next years sales will likely follow the trends of the years prior. However, this hardly predicts such amazing events as the Apollo moon landings, or such horrific events as the Holocaust. You couldn't have predicted these things based on what came before.

So if not from the past, then where does the future come from? 'Adventus' is Greek for a future which is arriving, and coming towards us. This future is open, unknown, and shaped by those individuals willing to confront it. The best way to predict the future is to build it. Be a part of it, not just a bystander. If our species is to avoid repeating the horrors of history, it's essential that we accept our role in building the future.

The loss of any individual is a loss for the entire world.

I believe that every human is full of potential and hidden depth, and that the world is full of amazing beauty. I want to build products which help us dive deeper into our own potential, and explore our world.

This all adds up for me to my goal, which is to create delightful and meaningful experiences. Let me break that down:


If one is to confront the future and try to impact it, they can either create or destroy. Destruction can be a noble act, but rarely. Far more impactful is creating something. To add something to the world—to give something back—is "to show your deep appreciation for the species"

Life is short and full of all kinds of suffering. A little delight can go a long way to lifting the human spirit. Delight has the ability to shake one out of their hum-drum state of mind, inspire them, and spark new life

Inside our little worlds, we can feel small and like life is pointless. But we're all part of something bigger, the human experience. I'm inspired by the great people and great works all around me. We can live life in pursuit of our own pleasures, and then maybe life doesn't mean anything, or embrace the challenge of life, connect with something bigger than yourself, and in doing so can make life meaningful.

No matter what medium your work is in, it ultimately becomes someone else’s experience. It's important to me that my work touches an end user and that I'm close to the action. Relentlessly focusing on the customer experience leads to great products and great companies.

Our experiences add up to our lives, so creating a delightful and meaningful experience for others is deeply motivating for me. I'm hopeful for the future but realize we face enormous challenges. I choose to embrace life and live for something greater than myself. Dare to Confront the Future.